woah! welcome to my website

if you dont know who i am, hi! my name is marissa! my pronouns are they/she/it and i make art and do other stuff!

my main username is iron234 but i also go by oddballKittyclaw and grammarDemolisher in some places

examples of my art (goes to my art posts on my tumblr page, ill probably figure out how to set up a little gallery of images on my site)


im an autistic pansexual nonbinary furry on the internet. fem and neutral terms please!

digital artist, mlp fan, metal and dnb listener, video game enjoyer, and many other things

at the moment im really interested in older tech. im making my own cds and cassettes and printing covers for them .

the next thing ill probably start doing is vhs but so far ive only found a vhs-c camera at a thrift store but no way to digitize tapes yet. i also want to buy More blank tapes but theyre quite expensive

im kind of interested in older internet stuff too. i have an account on the rtvs fan forum and love old gifs

big fan of weird creatures and cats. dragons and robots and bugs as well

i draw with krita and a wacom intuos, sometimes i doodle with my mouse in mspaint

big fan of the pixel brush. very much was inspired by oddport academy when i started to draw more

i use adobe animate to make my animatons, which are usually madness combat animations

i also use source filmmaker, gmod, and hammer to make stuff in the source engine

sometimes i use bryce3d to make little scenes. i might start using it more soon!

i edit videos with the free version of davinci resolve

sometimes i upload those videos to my youtube channel, but its usually my madness animations or funny videos


my art is posted to my tumblr under the "my art" tag, though a majority of my art overall has been posted to twitter




twitter (inactive)

pizza and castle gifs from hypnospace outlaw, uploaded on this site

music player is scm music player

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

last updated feb 14 2024